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Astypalea: The Aegean Energy Spring

Hop on the wings of the Aegean Butterfly and give your soul a boost

A cluster of brilliant white-washed buildings clamber up the hillside to reach a Venetian castle; a scene straight out of a Medieval folktale. This is just a part of the magic of Astypalea, that has been dubbed “the butterfly of the Aegean”, partly because of its peculiar shape and partly because of the beauty of the landscape.

The moment your feet touch the shore of Astypalea, you can feel an energy welling up from deep within its fertile earth; reverberating through its rich, storied history; sweeping down from the rocky peaks, swirling in off the electric blue waters surrounding the island. Your lungs fill with the fresh sea breeze, your eyes sparkle with its incandescent light and soon you’re bursting with energy yourself.

You can’t wait to scale its mountains, hike its rugged coastline, uncover the secrets of its hidden coves and ancient ruins, make a day last forever on its fun-packed beaches and waves, swoon at the giant summer moon above the Venetian fortress or wander hand-in-hand along flower-strewn whitewashed alleys. You’ll find the locals have the very same energy surging through them, as they warmly invite you to their festivals to join in a merry jig and sample their wine and delicious home-cooked delicacies.  Indeed, every inch of Astypalea invites you to tap into its special aura and unite your energy with its own invigorating spring.

Do it all with gusto on Astypalea.


At the heart of Astypalea lies the magnificent Venetian Castle, an impressive landmark that draws visitors from far.


With every cove and inlet comes a new slice of paradise, each offering a unique stretch of coastline with crystal-clear waters.


Indulge in the taste of Astypalea with dishes that showcase the island’s bountiful resources, from fresh fish to luscious honey and saffron.

Ducato Di Astypalea restaurant is a celebration. An everyday festival and as such should be noisy: laughter, glasses, cutlery and dishes compose the melody of every night. It is our hospitality in Astypalea through food.


Astypalea is not just a tranquil retreat – for those who seek excitement, the island offers endless opportunities for hiking, exploration and discovery.


Join in the festivities as the island comes alive with vibrant celebrations throughout the summer.

Life is better when you are in Astypalea

The butterfly-shaped island of Astypalea is nestled in the serene, azure waters where the Dodecanese and Cyclades converge, exuding an aura of originality and individuality that defies conformity and commercialism.