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At our hotel, we serve fresh and delicious breakfast that will leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle the day ahead. The ancients referred to breakfast as “The Table of the Gods”, and we believe it deserves nothing less than a rich and challenging experience. That’s why we offer a handmade Astypalean breakfast with local, pure ingredients curated and cooked by mum Nina. Each day, she creates unique delicacies from traditional Astypalean recipes, such as aniseed handmade bread, home jams, local honey, cheesebreads, and freshly baked pies with hand-made crust. And the best part? We serve breakfast right to your room! Imagine starting your day with a spectacular view of Astypalea’s castle and indulging in a breakfast experience that you will never forget. Join us for a unique and unforgettable morning meal that will leave you with sun-kissed memories to last a lifetime.


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